From driving my father crazy with the same music tape to shedding tears over a Polaroid camera at six, my childhood was a series of passionate pursuits. 

I initially pursued architecture, much to my parents' delight, who saw my talent for drawing comic stories as a perfect fit. However, my heart belonged to the world of movies—a passion ignited by countless family cinema trips and an uncle who introduced me to Kubrick and Spielberg's masterpieces. 

Switching from architecture to film was a shock to my parents, but they supported me through my journey into the film business, mainly through commercials. Despite the challenges and hard times of working with demanding directors, it was all part of my learning curve, and thankfully, it has paid off. 

I am defined by the people I've met, the places I've been, and the joys I've experienced. Life is too short to read a long bio, so here are two reasons to consider me: I embrace new adventures with open arms, and I am a passionate, skilled, and dedicated professional committed to bringing your vision to life with creativity and excellence. 

Best, Jon

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