My mother's words echoed in my ears since childhood: 'You're not weird. You're a limited edition.' It reminded me of those long car rides when I'd drive my father to the edge of despair, relentlessly playing the same music tape. Back then, he couldn't fathom my newfound joy in music. At the tender age of six, I shed tears until my wish for a Polaroid camera was granted, a victory I celebrated. Tears were shed for other reasons too, but my family always reassured me that those girls didn't deserve me anyway, except for my Mom, who sometimes questioned if I should have let some slip away.

Quitting architecture shook my parents a bit. They believed my talent for drawing, showcased in my comic stories, would seamlessly translate into success as an architect. Yet, I realized my heart yearned for the world of movies. Can you blame me? Growing up, my family treated me to countless cinema trips, and an uncle opened the gateway to Kubrick's brilliance, even sharing Steven Spielberg's masterpiece 'Duel.' So, it was only natural that reality pulled me away, steering me toward my true passion. As long as I wasn't secretly plotting to become a Formula One driver, they accepted my change.

Graduating and diving into the movie business, mainly through commercials, made my parents question their support once again. They witnessed my relentless work, enduring the hardships of collaborating with ruthless yet brilliant directors. But I reassured them that it was all part of my learning curve, convinced it would pay off. And thankfully, it has, without leaving any significant scars, I believe.

In the end, I am a culmination of the souls I've encountered, the places I've explored, the longing I've left behind, and the countless joys I've cherished. Life is too short to waste reading this biography, but let me leave you with two compelling reasons to consider me: I'm wholeheartedly embracing new adventures, and I still have a debt to repay to my loving parents.



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