My mother always told me that I’m not weird, I’m just a limited edition, just like when I was a young child and took my father to despair in a three-hour car trip listening repeatedly and over the same music tape. He couldn’t understand that I had discovered the pleasure of listening to music. When I was six, I cried a lot for them to buy me a polaroid camera (thank god that those crying efforts were not in vain). I also cried for some girls, but my family always told me they didn’t deserve me anyway (although my Mom sometimes said it wasn’t right in my mind to let some go away).

My parents got a bit upset when I quit architecture. They thought because I had some talent for drawing (because of my comic stories), I would be fine as an architect, but I soon realised that was not the case. I wanted to do movies. What did they expect? They took me a lot of times to the cinema, and I had an uncle who introduced me to Kubrik and showed me "Duel" by Steven Spielberg. After sinking into reality, and as long I wasn't quitting to secretly pursue a career as a Formula One driver, it was Ok to change. After graduating and entering the movie business (mainly commercials), they started to think again that it was a wrong move. They saw me working and suffering to survive with some ruthless but top Directors. But I always told them that it was part of a learning curve and that it would pay off. And I think it has (without any considerable traumas, I guess...).

Summing up, I am a little bit of everyone I met, a bit of the places I went, a bit of the nostalgia I left, and a lot of the things I liked and enjoyed.

Life is too short. Please don’t waste it reading this bio. There are two good reasons why you should hire me: I’m currently saying yes to new adventures, and I still owe money to my parents.



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